The Certification of
raw materials

Covering every raw material, across every country, under a single scheme.

The Certification of
raw materials

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16 December 2020 (Webinar) - Introducing the CERA Performance Standard for responsible upstream mine operations

The Webinar focuses on the CERA Performance Standard (CPS) and its structure, systematic and requirements. The CERA system consists of four sub-standards. The CERA Performance Standard (CPS), focuses on the responsible performance of the mine or the subsequent process, the CCS, which covers the tracking of responsible extracted material throughout the entire value chain, the CRS, which tackles the (pre-)investment phase prior the operation, and the CFS, that focuses on the downstream value chain.

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CERA will be the first universal and comprehensive certification scheme that accommodates all minerals and all regions. In contrast to other sectors such as the forestry, food or textile sector, in which a comprehensive certification scheme for production and transport is already established an all-encompassing standard for the certification of mineral resources does not yet exist.

In addition, the moral and ethical principles of the consumer when buying sustainably obtained and manufactured products and the political demand for compliance with social, ecological and financial principles are increasing. This implies the need to establish a complete and universally recognised certification system for the production, processing and traceable transport of all mineral resources.

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Certification from exploration over extraction to the final product

People behind

To ensure the credibility of CERA, the team behind the project consists of professional and experienced members, each of which bring highly specialised and unique knowledge in their field.

Andreas Hucke

Expert for strategic project development

"CERA makes an important contribution to more sustainability."

Nadine Kohl

Expert for strategic project development / certification scheme design

"I am convinced CERA can make a decisive contribution to more sustainability in the raw materials sector."

Oliver Glatow

Expert for sustainable supply chain schemes development

" The traceability back along the supply chain from the finished product to the origin of the raw material is the future which CERA promotes."

Our Partners

The CERA team consists of universities and independent audit and consulting companies, which bring in different competencies that are highly relevant for the certification of mineral resources and chain of custody.